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How to make the Best Savory Green Vegan Lasagna.

Making savory green vegan lasagna is as easy because in a total of 75 minutes you will have achieved a serving of four people with thirty minutes of prep time and 45 minutes cook time, the calories per serving are 200-300, click on this website and learn more details.

The ingredients to use are 2tsp.sea salt, cup of parsley leaves, one lemon juiced, 8 oz. tofu, a cup of raw cashew nuts, a cup of arugula or other leafy vegetable like spinach, 1medium zucchini, gluten free lasagna noodles, 3T olive oil divided, 4 cloves of garlic , whole Roma tomatoes in sauce and 2 spring basil leaves, read more now!

The first step to making your vegan lasagna is by preparing the marinara sauce, then add olive oil in pan, add garlic and sea salt, make sure the garlic does not blacken and then add tomatoes read more now.

Once you have added the tomatoes in the pan mash all the ingredients together and you may have to add some water like cup of water so as to lighten the sauce for more view here!
Next add the basil leaves to the mashed to the sauce and ensure the tomatoes are crushed, let them to sink to the surface as this will maximize the flavor and simmer the heat, stir the mixture slowly and then cover.

Next, preheat your oven to 375 degrees and then set aside a rectangular pan, the ideal pan for use need to be the same length and the length of your noodles, click and learn more.

Put bowl of salted water in heat and let it boil, add the brown rice to the boiling water and cover for 1-2minutes, cover and turn off the heat so that the rice or your noodles do not disintegrate click here, for more.

In a blender add ingredient like cup of tofu, basil leaves, parsley leaves, olive oil, salt, and lemon juice and whisk all of them in a blender which is how you prepare the vegan ricotta, this product is easy to make here.

Once you have made the ricotta and find that it is too thin add more tofu or if it is too dry add more olive oil or lemon juice while checking for salt and set it aside, for more info continue reading.

Spread a thin layer of your marinara sauce at the bottom of the pan, layer the noodles on the top and then add more marinara sauce, zucchini slices, vegan ricotta, leafy greens and repeat the same process till you exhaust the marinara sauce, noodles and cheese and leave some ricotta for the top most layer.