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Effects of Constant Trusted Online Reviews in a Business.

In the modern society, online shopping is a preference to many individuals who in return make a report via the internet to the manufacturer and other customers to communicate how they feel about a product they bought. Positive online remarks attract more customers and manufacturers should improve their goods and services to achieve the best online reviews. It is important for customers to certify that the online reviews for a certain product are reliable and one can depend on them to purchase a certain product.

Existence of false online reviews is quite a challenge to online marketing as customers withhold buying products out of fear that they might be duped. Rivalry in business is also a source of false online reviews where competing a company makes negative reviews regarding another company’s product and customers should not rely on such reviews. Online reviews which all full of negative remarks should not be trusted as these might be done intentionally to tarnish the name of the manufactures for business interests and not because the product is bad. Online buyers should also take note of very attractive and positive reviews as they can be lured to purchase bad products.

Some companies use their employees to make online reviews which should be done by the customers instead, such reviews are very specific regarding the qualities of a product and may include the company’s logo to make the quite convincing. It is important for customers to avoid reading reviews from specialty sites as they are quite confusing basing on the fact that they are more of complaints than reviews. An online reviewer who has no review history and whose reviews are entirely positive or negative is also not be relied upon. Online reviews that feature a certain common trend be it a complaint or appreciation regarding a product should ring a bell in the buyer’s mind and should take the opinion of the reviewers into account. Customers should trust online reviews that are up to date and those that do not follow any time sequence at which they are posted.

Customers should consider if managers of a business reach out to their customers by giving feedbacks as such online reviews can be trusted. The choice of words by the reviewers can be used narrow down to only the genuine reviews which do not sound exaggreated. It is important for all customers to evaluate online reviews and know which ones to trust before purchasing any product from online market. To avoid high percentage losses in the online market, business managers are required to minimize the number of negative online reviews.

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