The History Behind Salt Water Taffy, a Summertime Favorite of Many

Among the many kinds of classic candy that are still commonly enjoyed, one with a somewhat deceptive name is considered by many the most delicious of all. Salt Water Taffy has a long, well established history, but just where its appellation came from is still a subject of considerable dispute. What is not in doubt at all, however, is that this special type of taffy is one that regularly pleases palates in any of its many available flavors.

A Sweet Treat With Deep Ties to Summertime Fun and Relaxation

Whether for children or adults, enjoying any type of candy can feel like a special occasion in its own right. Naturally enough, certain types of sweets have become closely associated with special times of the year like the Christmas season or Easter.

The precious weeks of vacation that many regularly enjoy in the summer make for another time when particular candies seem especially fitting. Taffy ostensibly made with salt water as a key ingredient has been a popular option at seaside retreats for well over a century at this point.

Whether the name the candy carries actually represents it well, though, is a little more difficult to unravel. One legend has it that an enterprising boardwalk vendor came up with the label after an especially large wave soaked his place of business in Atlantic City. Although the stretchy candy he was selling was none the worse for the water, he sought to make it more interesting to passersby by tying it to the unexpected development.

In any case, the vast majority of taffy that comes with the “salt water” label today contains only a very small amount of sodium, if any at all. While adding a bit of salt can help round out the flavor, the amount that would be found in water actually taken from the sea would almost certainly be overwhelming.

A Delicious Gift or Souvenir to Savor

Despite the fact that the name might be a little misleading, many enjoy this distinctive type of candy whenever they get the chance. With dozens of different flavors often being available, having a sweet taste of summer at any time should never be out of reach.